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Obishikokaang Resources Corporation Job Opportunity
Silviculture Technician

Obishikokaang Resource Corporation (ORC) employs a Silviculture Technician who is part of the Corporation’s professional forestry team responsible for planning and forest management activities. As such, the Silviculture Technician assists the Suliviculture Forester in overseeing Lac Seul Forest operations, both in the office and the field. They also assist with the management of all Silviculture programs associated with the managed licenses. These Programs and activities include the following: reforestation, site preparation, stocking surveys and cone and seed inventories. In addition, the management of a data-base including the legal reporting of all activities is a critical component of this position.

The Silviculture Technician’s responsibilities include:

  • Assist in the development of all Silviculture components of Forest Management Plan Annual Work Schedules and Annual Reports.
  • Assist in designing, specifying or approving post-harvest silviculture prescriptions and treatments.
  • Being a Liaison to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry regarding all Silviculture related aspects/ issues.
  • Assist in the development and submissions of Annual Herbicide Plans and Reports
  • Manage ArcGIS/ArcMap data bases pertaining to Legal Planning and Reporting of all activities is a crucial component of this position
  • Administration, financial and operational planning for all silviculture programs/ activities.
  • Participate in all silviculture activities which include site preparation, debris management, aerial seeding, stock production, tree planting, cone collection and processing, manual/chemical tending, thinning, prescription/ tending/ Free-to –Grow surveys.

Job requirements:

    • High school Diploma or equivalent
    •  Plan to attend or have completed a post-secondary degree or diploma in forestry or natural resource sciences
    • Silviculture related certifications (i.e. herbicide applicator’s license)
  • Experience working or volunteering with silviculture programs / silviculture data bases an asset
  • Experience working with ArcGIS/ ArcMaps.